Faculty Research Spotlights

USF's Sarasota-Manatee campus is proud to showcase world-class faculty in our Breakthrough Research Spotlights. Our professors are committed to advancing their disciplines through continuous scholarly activity that includes breakthrough research, published works and international presentations, all while continuing to provide new opportunities and career guidance for our students. In these Spotlights, we aim to highlight some of the most recent and relevant research our faculty is working on publishing. 

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The Promise of Documentary Theatre to Counter Ageism in Age-Friendly Communities, Dr. Kathy Black & Dr. Valerie Lipscomb  10/30/2018

USF Sarasota-Manatee campus Breakthrough Research Archive

Global Concern about the Environment, Dr. Feng Hao 3/15/2018

Employee Political Affiliation as a Driver of Corporate Social Responsibility Intensity, Dr. Rick Borghesi 2/19/2018

Social Forces Sustaining the Israeli-Palestinian Tensions: A Dynamical Psychology Perspective, Dr. Jay Michaels, 11/28/2017

Crime Places in Context: An Illustration of the Multilevel Nature of Hot Spot Development, Dr. Rustu Deryol 11/16/2017

The status of race in public sector work: Implications for emotion management and job satisfaction, Dr. Melissa M. Sloan & Dr. James D. Unneve 10/31/2017

Dual Commitments to Organizations and Professions: Different Motivational Pathways to Productivity, Dr. Tom Becker 9/5/2017