BannedIP Call
Description: Reads the ClientIP and checks against the IgnoreIPs table. Not sure what this is used for..

SQLCommand To Run:


This IP is banned:


Successfully Checked Blocked IP

GenericURL: /system-error/error.aspx

ReadQueryStringTailPath Function Call
Description: Reads the querystring & extracts the full tail path.
Query string as read: aspxerrorpath=/admissions/important-dates-and-deadlines.aspx
.NET Query string as read:
Protocol: http://
ASP.NET Error Path: /admissions/important-dates-and-deadlines.aspx
URLInfo.CleanQueryStr Value:
URLInfo.CleanQuertyStrFullTail Value: /admissions/important-dates-and-deadlines.aspx

CheckforBadSyntax Call
Description: Takes the QueryString and identifies if any of the blackList strings are found. If so, the user is auto-redirected to the Generic 404 Page.
What is being checked:

QueryStrFix Scrub:

No Bad Syntax Found

URLTailCleanup Call
Description: Takes a copy of the CleanQueryStrVDFullTail variable: (1) populates the CleanQueryStrVDSearch variable for the DB search string, (2) populates the CleanQueryStrVDExtraTail variable with the remaining tail path.
Position of second '/': 12
Cleaned URL - Full VD Tail: /admissions/important-dates-and-deadlines.aspx
Cleaned URL - Tail Artifact (used later to reform URL): /important-dates-and-deadlines.aspx
Cleaned URL - Search Variable: admissions
Cleaned URL:
URLInfo.CleanQueryStrVDSearch Function Returned: admissions
URL of Sarasota Manatee:

CheckIgnoreURL Call
Description: Checks the URL against the IgnoreURL table, if a match is found the user will be directed straight to the 404 Page Not Found page and the URL will not be logged in ErrorPageLog.

SQLCommand To Run:



URL is not ignored

RedirectGoLive Call -- File Level Redirects
Description: Check the File Redirects table for a matching file; if one exists return the redirect URL.
URL Full VD Tail: /admissions/important-dates-and-deadlines.aspx
URL Full:
URL Full Minus Protocol:

SQLCommand To Run:



File Path Matched: /admissions/important-dates-and-deadlines.aspx and will redirect accordingly.

GoURL Call
Description: Redirects the end user to the URL provided.
Final redirect path:

Would have done:

Function Returned - Real URL