Certificate Programs

Certificate Program Listing
Educational Leadership The Post-Master’s Certificate in Educational Leadership (EDLD) is for individuals with a master’s degree in a field other than educational leadership and who wish to add educational leadership to their Florida Professional Educator’s Certificate. The modified program is a non-degree program that meets Florida Principal Leadership Standards for K-12 schools in instructional leadership, operational leadership and school leadership. Successful completion fulfills program and core curriculum requirements for Florida certification in Level I K-12 Educational Leadership – Administrative Class. School of Education
Environmental Science
& Policy
The undergraduate Certificate in Environmental Science and Policy (ESP) is designed for individuals working in fields such as education, government, law, and urban planning who seek a greater understanding of environmental conditions as well as the policies that are both causes and effects of current environmental realities. College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
Hospitality Management with Optional Internship This certificate is only available to students from universities that have executed an agreement with USF. Students shall have the option of completing a hospitality internship of their own choice. USF Sarasota-Manatee campus  School of Hospitality and Tourism Management shall assist students in the acquisition of an internship program but cannot guarantee that every student will secure an internship opportunity. Should the student choose to secure an internship and successfully does so, the student must register for HFT 4945 and comply with all of the course’s mandates. School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Incredi-Bull Critical Thinking The USF Sarasota-Manatee campus has identified critical thinking as a key educational imperative based on input from employers, faculty, and students. Therefore, critical thinking was selected for the 2015 – 2020 Strategic Plan and the 2016 – 2021 Quality Enhancement Plan. Courses that count toward the certificate are designed to help students develop their general and domain-specific critical thinking skills. All Colleges
Information Technology Students may choose from eight undergraduate information technology certificates: Application Development; Big Data for IT; ERP (SAP); Information Security; Information Technology Management; Project Management; Mobile Application Development; Systems Administration; and Web Design and Development. College of Business
Leadership Studies The non-degree Certificate in Leadership Studies (LDS) is designed for individuals working in any field who seek a greater understanding of leadership studies. The Leadership Studies certificate provides students an opportunity to study leadership from the personal, organizational and global levels. The program is interdisciplinary in nature and can benefit students in all areas of study. Courses are designed to give students a practical and theoretical grasp of leadership. College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
Online Teaching & Learning The Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning is a non-degree program of graduate level coursework for those interested in learning more about virtual instruction. The courses will provide a strong foundation in curriculum design and instruction so that participants are prepared to design, facilitate, deliver and assess online learning. School of Education 
Professional & Technical Communication The undergraduate certificate in professional & technical communication is open to students of diverse backgrounds who wish to pursue careers as professional writers and editors serving clients and employers in industry, business, government, and the professions or to use these writing/editing skills to supplement their training and enhance their employability in other professional fields. College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
Teacher Preparation This post-baccalaureate certificate program (EDUM) provides professional preparation to those who seek an approved alternative route to Florida Certification. The certificate program provides rigorous instruction in creating a safe learning environment in P-12 classrooms, effective instructional planning and strategies for teaching diverse learners including those with disabilities, applying research-based instructional practices to reading in disciplines, instruction of English Language Learners, and using assessment data to inform instruction. Successful completion of this certificate results in the following endorsement on the student transcript: “Completed State-Approved Professional Training Option.” School of Education